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In 2011, I had again assumed that there were no more deals to be had on Rainey Street, that each property was out of reach. Not so!

I purchased 61 Rainey Street on 9/30/2011. It was a rent house with nothing to offer structurally. For that matter, the building offered almost nothing of aesthetic value. However, the lot was perfect.  I knew something great could happen here.

After an unusually long search for the right operator, JT and Brandy Egli signed on to the project.

They created Craft Pride (Instagramweb) with the help of Image General Contracting/Rick McMinn and many others. The new building boasts a bar top made from a massive oak lost that year to the terrible drought on the builder’s ranch in south Texas. Design elements also include handmade metal work, fixtures, salvaged materials from the original house (built in the 1920s), and lots of outdoor space for great music and the cool Austin vibe we all love.

Did I mention that they offer Via313 pizza on the site?  Amazing pizza + hand selected Texas craft beer?  Perfection. 

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