Purchased in 2015, this building needed to be completely rebuilt, from the slab up.  We found the slab to be just a few inches think, holding up some walls of CMU stacked vertically rather than typical overlapping.  What were building standards in ’70?  It was as though some guy built it in a week. 


After the remodel, the building has no interior structural walls, making the building very flexible.  Designed for 5 tenants, we now have three, occupying the entire 4200 SF structure. 

Cafe Nena'i occupies the corner facing Montopolis.  Stop by and grab a South American coffee or one of Elena’s homemade arepas.  Meet the owners of Cafe Nena'i in this Univision video (en Espanol).

The other spaces are retail and office.  Notably, the office has a terrific floorplan, including a work-in kitchen, various meeting spaces, shower facilities, and an outdoor patio to enjoy. 

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