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This building was custom built as the headquarters of the Featherlite Corporation in the 1970s.  That company produced the concrete tilt wall, roof system, and double slab/pier foundation system for the construction.  They also produced all of the pavers for the exterior grounds and parking area (which is pervious).


The interior is open plan with 12 ½ foot exposed concrete ceilings.  Hard wall offices run along the perimeter, all with natural light.   


Currently housing Dadalab's innovation hub, this freestanding, 6600 SF structure is located two blocks from the MLK MetroRail Station, from there a short ride to downtown.  It also enjoys proximity to some of Austin's local chic watering holes and eateries (many in the trendy Manor Rd. area).  


The building sits on 1.2 acres allowing for 45 parking spaces, outdoor work areas in front and back, and many large heritage trees.  

Potential property enhancements include a skewed glass lobby (also taking advantage of exterior space).  In the back of the property, the building tenant could enjoy food trucks, office pods, and picnic areas among other possible amenities.

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